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 I went into the woodworking and wood finishing trade as an apprentice in 1959 doing mostly touch up and repair work for a large moving company in Washington D.C.  After one year I went to work for a small custom furniture refinishing shop where we did a lot of antique white and fruitwood finishes which were popular at the time.  We also did pin striping, gold leaf work and hand decoration (floral paintings, etc.).   

With time I moved on to a piano company in Silver Spring, MD where I worked for eight years refinishing pianos.  I then opened my own shop refinishing pianos and upscale furniture (including antique restoration).  Eventually, my family and I relocated to Downeast Maine, near the Canadian border.  I was there for twenty-two years, restoring two eighteenth century houses which were placed on the National Register of Historic Places, along with operating a full service country inn.  I also did furniture finishing and antique restoration work during that period.  In 1998 I relocated again to Westbrook in southern Maine where I have been doing furniture repair, antique restoration and refinishing, plus some off-the-wall artwork.  

For more information and to discuss the repair and restoration
of your fine furniture or antiques, please contact me at:

Gerald Haggerty
 PO BOX 1376
Westbrook, ME 04038
207 854-8999 or 207-939-1320


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